Weekly Recap – Week 4

Week 4 is officially wrapped up, and with it comes the unofficially official weekly recap (I know I haven’t been keeping up with it every week). Thus far into the season, newcomer Chris has taken a quick lead and is undefeated; but can his win-streak last against The Aryan Nation?

Real Life Notes:

  • For all of you that didn’t go to the Rams game with us….just know you didn’t miss out on much. In fact, there was a post on Yahoo’s front page about how shitty it was: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/the-los-angeles-rams-fan-experience-doesnt-seem-to-be-too-great-021822005.html
  • I know I’m lagging on the posting, lazyness is an art that I have perfected and you all must deal with it.
  • Julio Jones and Matty Light….wow….Only the 4th person to record 300 receiving yards in a game; and he did it against the Panthers who were formerly considered one of the best defenses in the league.
  • My fucking Raiders have won 3 of their first 4 games for the first time in 14 years. 14. Fucking. Years. The last time we did that? We were in the Superbowl with Rich Gannon and Jerry Rice.
  • Wow the Steelers offense is fucking good. Just…wow.


But who cares about real life. It’s time for fantasy. Let’s take a quick look at everyone’s First round draft picks, and see where they rank against other players at their positions…shall we? Thus far, it looks like Chris had the best first round pick; taking the #1 overall WR as the 5th receiver off the board (and #9 overall pick). But it’s still very early and things can change drastically.

Team PlayerPosition
RachelTodd Gurley - RBRB #23 (#89 Overall)
NicoleAntonio Brown - WRWR #3 (#14 Overall)
Josh TOdell Beckham Jr - WRWR #29 (#87 Overall)
ItaiJulio Jones - WRWR #2 (#12 Overall)
KeithAdrian Peterson - RBN/A (Out for Season)
AryanLamar Miller - RBRB #18 (#70 Overall)
Josh DDavid Johnson - RBRB #4 (#24 Overall)
BradDeAndre Hopkins - WRWR #27 (#81 Overall)
ChrisAJ Green - WRWR #1 (#10 Overall)
DrewEzekiel Elliot - RBRB #3 (#23 Overall)
ChelseaDez Bryant - WRWR #60 (#139 Overall)
JoeyRob Gronkowski - TEN/A

And now for the good stuff…

Joey VS Brad

How can I best describe this game…hmm….it’s similar to when 2 developmentally disabled (I must be politically correct) dudes try to fight each other. At the end of the day, regardless of who wins, you’re both still the worst teams in the league and we all got a good laugh at watching you guys duke it out. And boy, neither of you ceased to impress. From #8 overall pick DeAndre Hopkins scoring 0.9 points to #12 overall pick Rob Gronkowski scoring an impressive 1.6 points. Derek Carr had a very impressive game, but has now been shipped off to Brad in return for Brad’s best receiver (yea, your best receiver). Who would’ve thought you both could stoop so low.

Joey Max Possible Score: 123.66

Brad Max Possible Score: 97.62


Josh T VS Josh D

Battle of the Josh’s once again, as Tendler hands Day his 3rd straight loss, even after mustering -2 points from their defense. Big Ben went off, and Melvin Gordon playing out of his mind with Derek Carr finding Crabtree open all day made this an easy win for Tendler who jumps into 2nd place with that victory. Day left a LOT of points on his bench, but looks like it didn’t matter as Tendler would’ve won regardless of Wilson and Fuller starting. Easy win for Josh this week, as Josh didn’t put up a fight.

Josh T Max Possible Score: 161.1

Josh D Max Possible Score: 133.26


Drew VS Nicole

Team D- continues their skid and drops to 2-2 (my grade still stands); and continues to look like the Chargers in the process. As Rivers said this past weekend, “You try to laugh to keep from crying.” He did play well for you though, and you actually had 3 players with 20+ points on your squad. Your problem was you also had 4 players with less than 10 points on your squad. Drew, on the other hand, may have only had 1 player with more than 20 points on his team but only had 2 players with less than 10 points; giving him the all around points he needed for victory. Zeke is looking like the real deal in Dallas and his weekly YPC averages keep bumping up amazingly, and having the #1 defense in the league doesn’t hurt. Also, Nicole, what’d I tell ya about that Antonio Gates pick? (And about Zach Miller 😀 )

Drew Max Possible Score: 143.78

Nicole Max Possible Score: 115.14 (No Change)


Aryan VS Itai

Itai had a 75% chance of winning this game, and he finally lived up to the 75% hype; even with sitting 51 point Matty Light and starting 8 point Eli Manning. Julio Jones basically sat on my face and made me gargle his nuts all Sunday morning and ruined the return of LeVeon Bell. Julian Edelman and LeGarrette Blount both fell to the first shutout for the Patriots in the past 10 years (of fucking course) and on the flipside the Rams decide they know how to play defense and give him 17 fucking points. You win this time, I’ll see you on the bp court.

Aryan Max Possible Score: 107.62

Itai Max Possible Score: 176.72 (Highest for the week)


Chelsea VS Chris

Regular season king Chelsea is fucking up hard this season and has mustered up a 1-3 record; a worst for Chelsea since the league’s creation. Chris, on the other hand, looks like he’s pulling a Keith and now has the #1 spot in the league after starting an injured player for the 2nd week in a row… AJ Green continues to put up monster numbers and has become easily the best pick of the first round, through the past 4 weeks. Isaiah Crowell has become the lone bright spot in a horrible Cleveland team and even on a crappy day where Cam Newton left he gave Chris 17 points. Chelsea, you better pray Romo and Jamaal get back asap or you’re fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu(pause)uuuuuuuuuuucked.

Chelsea Max Possible Score: 85.82 (No Change)

Chris Max Possible Score: 132.9


Rachel VS Keith

Last but not least, Rachel and Keith gave us the closest and most stressful game of the week; with Keith barely winning by 65 points. Rachel had 5….5 players with less than 5 points on her squad and left Matt Jones on the bench (although it wouldn’t have helped her much this week). Keith continues to be Keith and is playing IR’ed Sammy Watkins for the 2nd week in a row…how long until he finally logs in and sees that Sammy Watkins is out for the season?! QUITE THE NAIL BITER!

Rachel Max Possible Score: 91.48

Keith Max Possible Score: 151.56 (lol)

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